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This page answers the vast majority of questions asked about the Scirra store both for people buying items from our store, and for people selling items in our store.

Store Questions

  • If I buy an asset, where can I use it?

    Please refer to the licensing agreement for full terms and definitions.

    Commercial Projects

    In summary, one purchase of a Royalty Free licensed asset allows you to use the asset in one commercial project. If you wish to use it in more commercial projects, you'll need to purchase the asset again for those projects.

    Non-Commercial Projects

    If you purchase an asset, you're permitted to use it in unlimited non-commercial projects. Please refer to the license itself for exact definitions.

    Don't forget, if the item has an exclusive price and you decide to purchase it at that price, you're permitted to use the asset on unlimited projects.

  • What is an exclusive price?

    Exclusive Price

    Exclusive prices are more expensive than the non-exclusive price. When you buy an exclusive item, once payment is cleared it will be de-listed from the Scirra store. Not only that, but the seller has agreed to not sell or distribute this asset again.

    If the item has had zero sales and you buy the exclusive, you will know that no one else will have this item in their games! It's a great way to pick up unique or semi unique content for your creations.

    Unlimited Usage

    Under the terms of the licensing agreement you are permitted to use the asset on as many projects as you want if you purchase it with the exclusive price.

  • How do redeem codes work?

    When you buy something from the Scirra store, you are provided 1 redeem code for each item you purchase.

    These redeem codes are one use. You enter them on the redeem code page, then the download of that item will be available via your account!

    Buying as a gift

    Redeem codes make buying items as gifts a breeze. Simply give the redeem code to the lucky recipient and they will be able to claim it for their account.

  • Why are downloads only recorded since Wednesday, July 9, 2014?

    We released a new version of the store on this date that includes better reporting features.

  • My card is being declined!

    Don't panic! 99% of the time it's your card processor blocking the payment as we are based in the UK.

    Please phone your card provider up, and ask them to allow payments to us. Once this is done, you will have to make the payment again and this time it should go through without issue.

  • Can you accept my local currency?

    Want to pay in your local currency but it's not an available option? Drop us an email to support@scirra.com and we'll see if we can add it!

  • I got a small unexpected charge on my card from Scirra

    This is what's known as an "authorisation charge". These are never actually taken from your account, you can phone your bank up to confirm this.

    Authorisation charges are common and standard industry practise.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Please refer to this page for full details.

  • What do I do with a serial key if my purchase has one?

    Some products (for example Spriter) show you a serial key when you redeem your code.

    When you download your purchase, you may be required/prompted to enter these details to unlock all of the products features. Make sure to enter them exactly as presented on your downloads page!

  • Buying gift vouchers

    Value of Vouchers

    All vouchers are valued in GBP. However, they can be spent in other currencies. The approximate amount the voucher is worth in your currently selected currency will show, but please note if exchange rates fluctuate this value may change slightly.

Construct 2 Questions

  • Is a Construct 2 license a one off payment?

    Yes! All updates to Construct 2 editor are free for life. The payment for a license is a one-off cost.

  • Do I get free updates?

    Yes! A valid license entitles you to free updates for Construct 2 editor for life. No extra payments required!

  • What are the Construct 2 License terms and conditions?

    Free Edition

    You agree:

    • Not to make any revenue/profits from your creations. This includes, but is not limited to, advertisments, prizes in competitions, revenue from the sale of your games.
    • Beyond basic testing for suitability, not use it within a for-profit Business organisation in any capacity.

    Personal Edition Licenses

    You agree:

    • You are not using this license within a Business organisation or as an employee of a business organisation
    • That you will upgrade to a Business Edition License if you ever make over $5,000 USD (or equivalent) revenue from your creations
    • You will not ever share use of, lend or sell your license

    Please note once Personal Edition licenses are issued, the details on the license file cannot be changed. We understand that your email address and other details may go out of date, so please do not worry if this happens to you. It will not affect usage of your license file.

    Business Edition Licenses

    You agree:

    • If issued to a named employee, only this employee will use the license
    • If issued in the business name, it will only ever be used by a maximum of one concurrent user
    • You will not ever share use of, lend or sell your license outside these terms

    We're always happy to answer questions regarding licensing. Please drop an email to support@scirra.com if you are unsure of anything.

  • Will it run on Apples/Linux?

    We do not currently officially support Macs/Linux with Construct 2 yet.

    Some users do run it on different OS's using Virtual Machines. However, please test with the Free Edition first before buying to avoid dissapointment and ensure it works. We do not provide support for VM related issues.

For Sellers

  • Why do I have to pay an activation fee?

    Seller Account Activation Fee

    The account activation fee serves a few purposes:

    • Stops our store being flooded with low quality submissions
    • Prevents multiple fake seller accounts
    • More accountability and identifiability for uploaded assets

    We work hard to keep the store full of good quality assets, the activation fee helps with this.

    Please note this fee is non-refundable.

  • How do exclusive prices work?

    In summary

    When someone pays an exclusive price, the item is delisted permamently from the store (unless in rare instances their payment doesn't clear, is charge backed or refunded in any other way it will be relisted).

    Exclusive prices must be at least 5x higher than the non-exclusive price. You do not have to list an item with an exclusive price, it is optional.

    To be able to list an item with an exclusive price

    You are only allowed to list an item with an exclusive price on the following conditions:

    • You have not sold this item anywhere else previously
    • You will not sell this item anywhere else*
    • Once the exclusive item is purchased you will not ever distribute the assets anywhere else in any capacity

    * If you remove the exclusive price from the item in the future because no one has bought it, you are then permitted to sell elsewhere.

    When you list an item with an exclusive price

    • The number of sales the item has received will be shown

    Please refer to the seller agreement for more details and exact wordings.

  • What are flash sales?

    Flash Sales

    Ones that last from 1 hour to 72 hours long. Participation in these flash sales is optional, you set your preferences on a per-item basis when you upload your item.

  • What are Scirra promotional giveaways?

    Scirra Promotional Giveaways

    This is an optional setting, and you are of course perfectly welcome to set this to 0.

    If you set it to a number above 0, you grant Scirra permission to distribute up to that many redeem codes for that item per year for Scirra promotional purposes.

    Example Promotional Purposes

    • Competition prizes
    • Random giveaways
    • Rewards

    Please note you will not have access to information regarding who and how they were distributed.

  • What is a maximum sale discount?

    Maximum Sale Discount

    This is the maximum discount you're willing to put on your item for the duration of the sale. The discount is off the sale price. Your revenue share will be affected.

    Even if you put this figure at 50%, Scirra may decide to run a sale discounted less than 50% if we think it would be more profitable to do so.

  • Why can't I set the price in other currencies?

    Price Setting

    Currently all profits are worked out from a base price which is set in GBP (£).

    All other currencies prices are set dynamically based on the current exchange rates which we update regularly.

    The dynamic price setting in other currencies also 'beautifies' the price, so instead of showing a USD price of $5.83 it will round it to $5.99. This carries a few benefits:

    • The price in this currency wont change frequently as a larger exchange rate movement is required to go to the next rounding level
    • Nice prices encourage sales and look good

    We do not currently have any plans to allow you to set the price explicitly in any currency other than GBP.

  • What is an extended sale??

    Extended Sales

    Extended sales last anywhere from 72 hours to 2 weeks long. Less than 72 hours is a Flash Sale.

  • What is a bundle?

    Store Bundles

    A bundle is when items are grouped together and sold as one. You cannot control which other items your item is bundled with, Scirra will decide.

    Bundles are attractive to users on the website, they make purchasing mutliple items easier and more appealing. Bundles contain at least 2 items.

  • Bundle discounts

    Bundle Discounts

    If you give permission for your item to be bundled, you can also set a maximum bundle discount. This is the maximum discount you're willing to offer on your item if it is included in a bundle.

    If multiple items in a bundle all have a bundle discount, it's an attractive buying opportunity for customers!

    Please note this is a maximum bundle discount, if your item is offered in a bundle Scirra may decide to discount it less than you set. It's a guidance for Scirra on the maximum you're willing to discount it in a bundle.

  • Short product descriptions

    Short Descriptions

    These appear on the mouseover for the item:

    They should be concise, and inspire interest in your product. The short description does appear in other places such as search results. HTML is not allowed, short descriptions must be plain text.

  • Changing the price of your product

    Can I change the price of my item?

    Yes. You can change the price up to once per 7 days.

    Should I change the price?

    Good question! When considering a price change, you need to consider what effect it might have on customers who've already bought it. If someone buys it for a high price and you lower the price, they may be disgruntled and decide not to buy your other products. Frequent price changes might also make customers nervous about buying your product in case they are paying a higher price than they would be in the future.

    Can I change price as a sale?

    No. You are not permitted to advertise a price change as a sale. For sales, you must adjust your sales properties for the items.

    Help! I entered the wrong price!

    If you entered an incorrect price email support immediately with the price you entered and the price you meant to enter. If during that period anyone buys your product we must honour the price they purchased it at. Check, double check and triple check your values before changing your prices!

    I changed the price, but still got a sale at the old price

    It can take up to an hour for the price change to roll out to all visitors. If a visitor has your item in their basket during a price change, the price they added the item into their basket at will be honoured.

  • Google Analytics tracking

    Google Analytics

    You may wish to get better statistics on your store pages to help measure traffic and improve performance of your items. Google analytics is a free tool we support for this purpose.

    To make use of this:

    1. Register on Google Analytics
    2. Add an account
    3. Set the account URL to https://www.scirra.com. IMPORTANT: Make sure you select HTTPS not HTTP!
    4. Your account will be assigned an account ID in the format UA-12345678-1. Copy this value into your merchant profile.
    5. Your items will now track page views!

    Use of Google Analytics is entirely optional. Please note, it may take up to a couple of days before you start seeing analytics in your Google account.

  • Long product descriptions

    Long Descriptions

    These appear on the item page:

    HTML is not allowed for these descriptions. You should paragraph your descriptions by using the return key.

    Try to keep it concise, describe to the buyer exactly what they will receive and why they should buy your item! This is your best opportunity to convert a potential customer into an actual customer.

  • Uploading files for your items

    What is a version?

    Most assets probably only need one version! If this is the case, feel free to leave the value blank or enter anything you want.

    However, if your asset has different versions (for example 1 version that runs on Windows, 1 that runs on Linux etc) you'll want to create a different version for each file upload. To do this, select the "I want to create a new version". Remember, if you do for example create a "Windows" version, in the future when you wish to update it make sure you select the "I want update an existing version" option when uploading the new files.

    Updating versions

    If you're uploading files as an update to an existing version, be sure to select the "I want update an existing version" option.

  • FAQ for items

    Item FAQ

    You have the ability to set your own item FAQ for your items.

    FAQ's can help address the most common questions customers ask to help reduce your emails. They can also act as reassurance for potential customers.

    Item FAQ's are optional but highly recommended.

  • Default Package Contents View

    You can set this for one version. This version will be used as the default package contents view on your items public page.

    You can only set this for the most up to date version.

  • What's a page view?

    Page views

    Every time a visitor views your item, the page view count will increase by one.

  • What's a unique visitor?

    Unique visitors

    This is one of your most important numbers, it tells you how many unique visitors have viewed this item. A unique visitor is diferentiated by their IP address. If the same IP address visits your item 10 times, it will only increment the unique visitor count by one.

  • Advanced formatting

    Advanced formatting

    The long item description permits advanced formatting. The current special markup that is permitted is below:

    [#31] Linking to another product
    Links to another product in the store Help
    - Some text
    - More text
    Creating lists
    Will show as a list Help
    #Title# Heading
    Will show as a heading

    Advanced formatting is very useful to improve the look of your item.

  • What's total downloads?

    Total Downloads

    This is the total number of times your item has been downloaded, across all versions. To see version breakdown, view the version page of your item.

    Don't forget, there are many reasons why a buyer might download your item multiple times!

    Total downloads also counts downloads from people who've been given promotional codes, or redeem codes you've generated yourself.

  • Long description advanced formatting: Linking to products

    Linking to another product

    If you wish to link to another product in your long item description, first get the product ID you wish to link to. The product ID is the last number in the URL of your product:

    In the above example, the product ID is 5.

    Once you know the product ID, enter it as [#5] in the long description. When you hit save in it's place on the public item page the link to the other product will be shown as follows:

    If the product ID is wrong or doesn't exist, it will not replace the entered text.

  • Long description advanced formatting: Product lists

    Creating a list

    To create a list, simply enter each item on a new line with a leading dash character, for example:

    This will render as a pretty HTML list on the public product page.

  • Custom Sales

    Why should I put items on sale?

    Items on sale will appear on our sales page which gives them more exposure. Item pages for items on sale also look a lot more exciting with the sales banners and timers!

    Potential customers are always looking for a great deal, over the same period you might actually make more money than you would if you weren't running a sale!

    Creating a Sale

    When you create a sale, it must:

    • Start at least 24 hours in the future
    • Not result in your products price being sold for less than £0.49
    • Must run for at least 6 hours and no more than 240 hours
    • Item must be discounted between 10% and 90% (inclusive)

    Once a sale is currently active, it cannot be cancelled or modified. An item cannot exceed 60 days on sale over the last 12 months. Two sales for the same item cannot overlap.

    Your sale will not be published or knowledge of made available to the general public until it goes live.

    Sale Ideas

    Why not put multiple products on sale at the same time?

    Promoting the Sale

    Be ready to hit Twitter, Facebook, Googleplus, your email lists etc etc when your sale goes lives! The more effort you put into promoting your sale items the more likely you are to get sales.

    We recommend you do not promote the sale before it goes live unless you are 100% confident that you are happy for the sale to run. You can get a bit of egg on your face if you promote it in advance and then decide to cancel or change it!

    Please note, custom sales you create do not count towards the sale settings you set in your merchant profile. These are additional sales you can create if you so wish.

  • Custom Bundles

    Creating your own bundles

    You may want to offer bundles of your items at a discount. Bundles are collections of items, and offering a bundle discount is a good way to encourage customers to buy more of your items.

    Bundle Suggestions

    Multibuy Discounts
    If you add only a single item to a new bundle, it will appear as a multibuy discount on your items page like follows:

    In the above example, 2 bundles were created for an example item. Each bundle only included one item, but with different quantities and discount levels. If a customer now clicks "Add" on one of these options, the quantity of that item will be added to their basket with the associated discount.

    If you sell more than 1 item, you may wish to bundle them together in a special offer. These bundles will appear on the bundle listing pages, and on the items pages that are included in the bundle. It's a great way to upsell to potential customers.

    Items on Sale

    If an item in a bundle is on sale, the bundle price will be the largest discount between the sale price and the discount price set in the bundle.

    Please note, custom bundles do not count towards the bundle settings you set in your merchant profile. These are additional bundles you can create if you so wish.

  • Featured Bundles


    Your items may appear in featured bundles set by Scirra if you set bundle settings in your merchant profile.

    Please note once created a bundle can't be modified/changed/removed even if you change your bundle settings. Bundles are created within the parameters currently set in your merchant profile.

  • Why is a bundle inactive?

    Bundles can be inactive because:

    • Total units is less or equal to 1. Remember, a bundle has to have at least 2 units in it to be a bundle!
    • Some items in the bundle are yet to be approved
    • Some items in the bundle are no longer for sale (eg an exclusive was bought, or it's currently delisted)
  • Why do fees vary for the same item?

    Fee Variations

    Common fees are payment processor fees, and sales taxes.

    Payment Processor Fees

    These fees are distributed proportionatly (rounded up to the nearest penny) amongst every merchant involved in the sale.

    Not only this, but different payment processors have different fee schedules. The fee may differ slightly for a buyer who buys your item via Paypal versus Stripe.

    Sales Tax

    Scirra is a UK company, which means sometimes we have to charge VAT to customers. VAT rate is currently 20%.

    The good news is we don't always have to charge VAT on sales. However, if a customer is charged VAT you will notice that the fees are larger than for a customer who wasn't charged VAT.

    Other Potential Reasons

    Different currencies have slightly varying rates when converting to GBP. This can mean that you'll receive slightly varying amounts for the same item when paid in different currencies.

  • Why is the amount I receive for an item negative?


    Unfortunately if a chargeback occurs, the amount of the sale is refunded and a ~£15 fee is charged. This is distributed proportionatly to everyone who was involved in the sale.

    Chargebacks are fairly rare, but if you're unfortunate enough to receive one for one of your items you may notice a negative sale as the fees are greater than the value of the item.

  • How do cashouts work?


    To make a cashout, you must have an available withdrawal balance of £5.

    When you receive a sale, your cut is transfered to your available withdrawal balance after 60 days. This gives enough time to ensure there are no problems with the sale and the customer wont attempt to force a refund or a chargeback.

    Withdrawal Methods

    We currently only allow to withdraw via Paypal, but we are planning on adding more withdrawal methods in the future. Bear with us! If you're not currently able to use Paypal, please be patient and know your balance is safe.

    Withdawl Currency

    Currently you can only withdraw in GBP £ as we are a UK based company. We are planning on adding options to withdraw in other currencies in the future.

  • Why is my remaining to cashout balance negative?

    The most likely scenario is you've incurred some chargebacks on your sales. Please check your sales reports for confirmation.

    We will never charge you for having negative balances, but before you can cashout again you'll need to make enough sales to bring your balance into the positive.

  • Serial Key Report

    This report gives you a CSV file giving details on all serial keys generated for your item.

    Data1, Data2 and Data3

    These columns contain custom data required for your report.

    Redeem Code Active

    If set to false, it indicates that the serial key should also no longer be treated as active. This gets set to false when a customer gets refunded for their purchase (through a chargeback for example).

    Scirra ID

    If querying a serial key record in this report, please provide this ID.

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