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Construct 2 Testimonials

Don't take our word for it, see what the world is saying about Construct 2, the HTML5 game engine

Cédric Ricci

Cédric Ricci

Beextend, France

"Construct 2 is the best coding-free 2D game engine on the market. Don’t lose your time searching somewhere else, just download it and start making great games with it!"

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David Allen

David Allen


"Everything is placed intuitively, incorporated logically, and it runs without a hitch."

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Michael Manning

Michael Manning

Crude Pixel, United Kingdom

"Construct 2 is the fastest and most intuitive tool I've used to prototype 2D games ... It's remarkably easy to share my creations."

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John Bura

John Bura

Mammoth Interactive, Canada

"Construct 2 is the clearly the best choice. Construct 2 is supported, it's versatile, it's easy to use, it's stable and simply put it is awesome."

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Carlos Monteiro

Carlos Monteiro

Gigoia Games, Brazil

"I'm a designer and painter with a great passion for games. Construct 2's ease of use allows me to rapidly prototype my ideas and sketches"

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Gabriel Illescas

Gabriel Illescas

Darkside Creations, USA

"Game development tools should be based on design, speed, logic and power, Construct 2 does this and much more... You can't lose."

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Peter Wilkinson & Stan Forczek

Vision4Arts, United Kingdom

"We were taken back at how easy it was to create this game yet how powerful the mechanics are. We definitely recommend Construct 2 to anyone who is interested in game development."

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