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Work around for Android Crosswalk sound toggle issue

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Tutorial written by cooltabyOriginally published on 27th, October 2014 - 4 revisions

Hi All,

Description of issue#
Crosswalk issue: https://crosswalk-project.org/jira/browse/XWALK-1126

User is unable to toggle sound if he exported via crosswalk. in this scenario sound toggle does not work at all. Intel is working on to fix this issue.

I have tried to mute and unmute sound by below way and it worked for me.

==On touch "on object" = Audio =set silent
== On touch "Off object" = Audio =set not silent

Capx file is attached

I hope meanwhile it will help if any one wants to export via crosswalk :)

We look forward to intel fixing this issue

Please kindly update us if there any other work around.

Note: This issue does not occurs on Mozzila android browser. However, issue is chrome browser specific.


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