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Creating a weapon effects

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Tutorial written by burak22Originally published on 7th, February 2015

first import guns and bullets picture. After create "reload" text. make weapons of origin close to the trigger. import sounds create touch , audio.─░mported guns and bullet and created text

Create instance veriable. This will be the number of bullets. AK47 bullets takes 30 to 30 value for its. ─░nstance veriable the name of the "bullet"

We will now edit the animation of the image bullets. Open picture and duplicate animation after delete last bullet and again duplicate and delete last bullet. We're down to 0 than 30.animation steps

We create a transparent sprite. name "area". future weapons on the way we are positioningTransparent sprite
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let's code division

reload command and shake commands are as followscommands

As long as decreasing fire bullets codes are said to go up one at a time to be written about animationanimation commands
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good works ;)

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