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Platformer Hero, with Shield and Sword + Breath effect

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Tutorial written by gamecorpstudioOriginally published on 25th, February 2015 - 1 revision

Hey bro's, how's going?

I started doing a capx for 1 random peeps of scirra community from the "How do i "section, and he wanted to know how to do a shield that reflects bullets, so i did that just ... couldn't stop for some reason and made a simple 2d animated Platformer hero with shield that reflects bullets , sword that u can use it to attack and breath effect for idle mode....oh and a small hand that keeps the shield and gives a more realistic feeling to the Hero ... you can duplicate it and make it for the sword also i just keep it simple but also cool :D basically you can follow the steps for the hand of shield for legs also and head to make it in a ragdoll that moves without needing to have a sprite sheet for it.

So here it is to bad i couldn't actually write a full tutorial , but takes to long and to many lines to explains , so i hope you find the capx useful.

Press A to atack, D to use shield arrow keys to move and jump

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