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Press Gas Dial Movement Tutorial

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Tutorial written by burak22Originally published on 31st, March 2015

I'll tell you to move the dial on the gas...
First, we find the car's dial picture...
We interrupt the dial photo photoshop or any other program, We save them as two different pictures (dials and indicators)... as the picture


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upfront as the center of the dial picture...

We are adding the accelerator pedal...

We are adding dial to rotate Behaviors, but we are doing the speed 0...
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We are adding the dial down point sprites we want to stop, and we want to go to the bottom of the layer...
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We now determine the angle of the top...
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The final appearance will look at those now code...
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I want to move and spacebar to pressure gas to click and at the same time I want you change the opacity of the gas...
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Now we will set the minimum and maximum limits, I set the maximum angle of 182, the object is brought to the minimum angle positioning...
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I hope you understand... :)

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Trailbike 2,208 rep

This is Sweet! I have always been interested in gauge mechanics. Thank you!

Tuesday, August 02, 2016 at 5:54:23 AM

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