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Make Your Own Breakout Style Tile Buster Games With Free CAPX!

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Tutorial written by lamarOriginally published on 12th, February 2017 - 3 revisions

This is a free to use and modify CAPX for building your own Breakout style or Tile Busting games.

This game uses just 43 events and I include a free to use master sprite sheet so you can modify the tiles, background, frame, paddle and ball to suit your desires.

The CAPX is commented and uses basic C2 events that all C2 users should understand and I left you room to add in your own special touches.

Game is set up for mouse or touch pad and mobile use.

CAPX requires C2 239R or latest version.

Play the game demo here:https://www.scirra.com/arcade/tutorial-games/ricochet-tile-buster-free-capx-15362

If you have any questions about designing tile buster games leave them in the comments.

Don't forget to leave a rating on the arcade game and show a fellow C2 game builder some love you guys!

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