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How To Create An Item Examination Screen!

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Tutorial written by lamarOriginally published on 7th, March 2017

Many games require users to examine items for clues and some items like notes must be enlarged for the user to read so this is a simple way to create an Item Examination Screen that I use in my games.

You need some kind of frame or background sprite for your examination box and you can get free frame png pictures on the web. Pick one that fits your game theme or create your own.

Place your examination screen frame where you want it on your layout and centered horizontal and vertical is a good placement and then make it invisible.

Put your items to be examined where ever you want and include these events for items.

You need a variable to hold the X and Y position of the item and for the Height and Width of the item.

Run the layout and when you click on the item (a note in the example capx) it will be positioned on the examination frame and enlarged and then will close automatically after 3 seconds and be placed back where it was and at it's original size.

You can choose to click on the frame to close if you want it to stay open longer.

I included a simple to follow CAPX for you to experiment with.

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brair_user 898 rep

funny effect...but thanks

Friday, March 10, 2017 at 11:09:47 PM

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