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How to build games from Construct(2/3) with Cordova for every platform

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Tutorial written by saiyadjinOriginally published on 4th, August 2018 - 4 revisions

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So basically the full tutorial is set in the Attached ZIP file which contains a PDF file for easy reading.

If you have questions, you can ask me directly or
you can ask me on discord. The guide will be updated regularly and I'm free to help people
create the environment where they can easily build and deploy their games.

The guide has been updated to version 1.1 where we cover Phone X fix for Construct 2, and some other stuff. Also some stuff has been reworked and fixed since it wasn't understood completely, so now it's fine (example Java 1.8 is a must).

Version 1.1. is Out, see you soon with version 1.2.

you can also ask questions here:


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