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Coin Magnet

Perform a functionality where the coins or items move towards us is very but very easy with the behavors, we need the MOVETO which can download it here: To our object (Coin, item) that will be affecte Read more

19th, June 2018 | by ssjin3
Construct 2 - One Trick Everyday #15 - Create image gallery quickly

Hi Friends,Sometimes we need image gallery in our games so I am going to tell you simplest and fastest trick to create an image gallery. Just follow simple steps below or download free capx for help. Read more

18th, June 2018 | by jatin1726
Construct 2 - One Trick Everyday #14 - Random images, no repeat

Hi All,I am back with Season 2 of my series 'Construct 2 - One Trick Everyday'. Today gonna share a new trick for showing images with no repeat. I am sure many of you would have tried generated random Read more

12th, June 2018 | by jatin1726
scrolling background concept ( how to )

Hello every body !hope all doing well Today i will talk about scrolling background in construct2important note : bg and bg duplicated width must be 2x project width. Read more

6th, June 2018 | by hussein
Creating a Pistol [and Reloading it!]

This tutorial will teach you how to make a pistol for your shooter gameand how to make your pistol reload. The script and example is below, otherwiseproceed to the next page and everything is explain Read more

1st, June 2018 | by jerrtato
Working with Tiles in Tilemap: Count amount of Tiles

THE GREAT QUESTION: HOW DO I KNOW WHAT TILES I HAVE IN A TILEMAP? Well that is a question I asked myself and when looking for a reference I realized that there is no tutorial or reference wi Read more

30th, May 2018 | by NECRONOMICRON
Platform game Start to Finish

People say, started a game but halfway coding the game, get a new idea and try to add on this or that get lost and drop that game altogether and start all-over with the new game idea. Happened many of Read more

22nd, May 2018 | by Lordshiva1948
Flashlight - Shadow Casting Plugin

Introduction Flashlight is a pay-for plugin soon to be available on the Scirra store (and It is designed to behave like a light source that casts shadows from Solid objects. It dis Read more

20th, May 2018 | by Colludium
Using PlayFab Service in Construct 2/3

Introduction Hi fellow devs! Welcome to my tutorial! In this tutorial we will learn how to connect our Construct 2 project to PlayFab services.PlayFab is similar with GameSparks. You can compa Read more

19th, May 2018 | by agittm
Click Game - Part 1

Beginning In this tutorial I will show you how to create an "Idle" game, similar to Cookie clicker! Cookie First let's add the "Cookie" which will be the object Read more

27th, April 2018 | by Rice games