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Советы любителю-разработчику игр: Что необходимо сделать, прежде чем с

Итак, вы решили создать собственную видео игру в качестве хобби. Вы выбрали платформу для разработки, прочли руководства, и у вас появилась идея о крутой игре. У вас все готово, пора начинать, включае Read more

1st, May 2013 | by emeraldmask
Simple Game

download using the file, just it preview!(it just downloading file preview now) Read more

14th, February 2016 | by DanielDiniz6
Creating your 1st Video Game: GGJ16 prep session

After a couple of presentations at Georgia State University, I decided to clean and modify the shared content to explain how you can easily create a video game using Construct 2.The following videos s Read more

22nd, February 2016 | by hielo777
Making a game Pt.1

Welcome to construct!This is a basic tutorial on how to make a game in construct! First you will want to make a sprite I suggest using make pixel art: but you can use what ever Read more

1st, November 2015 | by TheGameDoctor
SHA3 Keccak hashing plugin

Welcome to the SHA3 plugin Sometimes you need to secure your data using a secure hashing algorithm. With this plugin, you can now hash your data using the most up to date SHA3 Keccak algorithm Read more

8th, June 2016 | by h1k3
Falling Arrows

up date CAPX Simple games for beginners in construct 2. I have used this and many more will be done which will be variables to everyone on Construct 2 site free of charge. Many of you who star Read more

16th, May 2016 | by Lordshiva1948
PONG for 9th/10th class at school, for very beginners!

I actually created this tutorial in German for my students, I hope there aren't too many mistakes with the translation into English. It is meant for people, who don't know much about C2. 1. Open C2 an Read more

18th, March 2016 | by Maschka
Admin Please Delete If Possible

Please delete this tutorial for the following reasons. I have realized this tutorial :1. Not Helpful2. Pointless3. There are better ways to accomplish what I was writing about :/ Read more

25th, April 2014 | by HZGaming
More than one sprite in a Object

1. Add a Sprite obj.2. go to event sheet and go "On start of layout = (Whatever you Sprite is called) Animations Stop"3. Make the different Frames in the Sprite by double clicking on it. then right cl Read more

4th, July 2014 | by Masgame098
simple text based Health

This is a simple text based Health tutorial. Read more

25th, August 2014 | by PL9001