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Vector Controls

Sometime back I have made vector controls in C2 for one of my client.Posting here so everyone can take advantage of same. Read more

28th, November 2017 | by socialpilgrim

If you fix a few things in construct 2, particles can become more beautiful than all the other graphics. Snow is simple, it's white and falls slowly.I've made a cap.x file showing how i like the look Read more

21st, November 2017 | by TheCrazyPrince
Implementing Newgrounds Medals and Scoreboards to Construct 2 project.

I've had some problems when I try to implement Newgrounds API features such as Medals and Scoreboards into my Construct2 game.So, I want to share my experience as a tip for others can refer.I used god Read more

1st, February 2018 | by supervanz
Enhance Guide

CONSTRUCT 2 Enhance: # Enhance Drag & Drop Library by Enhance, Inc.# CONSTRUCT 2 Setup -----Install the supplied .c2addon plugin. Drag & Drop is the easi Read more

24th, February 2018 | by Flat Office
How to make Music Maker (Drum, Guitar & Piano) in Construct 2 & 3

Hello Friends after a long time i am again here with a new exciting tutorial. in this video i have shown that how you can make music maker in Using Construct 2 & Construct 3.Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4If Read more

1st, January 2018 | by luckyrawatlucky
[video] AdMob Ads with C2 and C3 (Ultimate Ads plugin)

A complete guide for mobile app monetization with AdMob ads using the Ultimate Ads plugin.* Introduction -* Banner -* Interstitial - http://yout Read more

7th, January 2018 | by Toby R
Stopwatch !!!

This is my Stopwatch with few events.Hope your guy like it and give me your feedback if you want :D Read more

23rd, January 2018 | by Maverick1912
How to target a specific tile ID upon collision

Hey Constructors,This is my first tutorial, so no trolling me! :)I had a need, in my platformer game, to identify whether or not an enemy was currently overlapping a specific tile ID. I had a basic un Read more

19th, January 2018 | by danalog
Extended platformer enemy AI

In this video I will show how to make better AI for platformer enemy (It will jump over obstacles and pits, also following player by all costs)CAPX will be in video description :) Read more

12th, February 2018 | by lolish
Simple tutorials in capx files

Hello, my name is Yordimix96 and I am a new creator of 2D games and here I will leave you some tutorials in capx for your game. I hope it works for you and if you have any questions or want more infor Read more

13th, February 2018 | by Yordimix96