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Hello if you dont have idea, you searching for inspirationor looking for addational systems for your existing gameust take look at this list of ideas here: Read more

7th, July 2018 | by delgado
C3/2 - 16 Direction and Angle Animations

This is how I go beyond the 8 direction movement behavior to do 16 Direction animations. This is useful for smoother animations during pathfinding movement, or any type of movement. Video Link: Youtub Read more

10th, August 2018 | by jmiller4180
High Score Table simplest way

This tuto leads you to get automatic rank order of a group of several values (10 here but you can do with as much as you want) from higher to lower. ideal to get a hi-scores board or any other stuff t Read more

30th, August 2018 | by SylphArcade
How to create a 8-bit style Side Scrolling Shooter

Hi everyone, I have made a 10 video tutorial to show how to create a Side-Scrolling Shooter with 8-bit style Pixel Art in Construct 2 / 3This video is made for absolute beginner and will guide you to Read more

22nd, September 2018 | by Biim
3D endless scrolling background

Here is a simple example of making pseudo-3D (isometric, perspective) endlessly scrolling background.Preparing the correct image is the most important part. Don't use "Perspective" tool in software li Read more

26th, October 2018 | by dop2000
Amazon Fire TV remote

In the case you are trying to make your game work with any amazon device that use the Amazon Fire TV remote, I'm pretty sure the GamePad plugin its not working for You.This is because the Amazon Fire Read more

4th, September 2018 | by hackinc2000
How to target a specific tile ID upon collision

Hey Constructors,This is my first tutorial, so no trolling me! :)I had a need, in my platformer game, to identify whether or not an enemy was currently overlapping a specific tile ID. I had a basic un Read more

19th, January 2018 | by danalog
24 minute time cycle

This tutorial is made to be used as a base to bring forth day and night cycles in construct. The clock in determined by global variables, so it's fairly simple to use them when when for example changi Read more

21st, November 2017 | by TheCrazyPrince
Simple tutorials in capx files

Hello, my name is Yordimix96 and I am a new creator of 2D games and here I will leave you some tutorials in capx for your game. I hope it works for you and if you have any questions or want more infor Read more

13th, February 2018 | by Yordimix96
How to create a Scirra leaderboard

Hey, want to create a leaderboard for your Scirra Arcade game? I have seen many questions about this so here's a tutorial!I assume that your game is ready for publishing to Scirra Arcade.So, first thi Read more

14th, February 2018 | by MrQuickGame