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Introducción a Construct 2 (Español)

Hola compañeros. Presento esta serie de 3 video tutoriales en donde aprenderán los aspectos básicos de Construct 2 mediante la creación de un sencillo juego de naves.Aquí pueden descargar los assets p Read more

14th, September 2017 | by gatostao
Eye follow mouse cursor :)

Very simple to have an eye following your mouse cursor in game :Just few events and you will have your own eye:You can download my capx. Read more

24th, August 2017 | by Maverick1912
Deixe sua Placa de Pontuação...

Leave Your Score Card ...To leave your score board, you must enter the Scirra Arcade.In Event lines, you must identify a way to record Leaderboards with the value of your global variable (Points), in Read more

24th, August 2017 | by Huemerson
Criando Cobra Maluca com Capx...

Cobra Maluca– Crie um novo projeto no construct2 e vamos iniciar ajustando o tamanho do layout para (1500,1500) insira quatro camadas com os nomes (UI,FimJogo,Jogo,Chao).-Depois vamos inserir a imagem Read more

1st, September 2017 | by Huemerson
Smooth following camera tutorial

Hello! I made a shot video showing you how to make a smooth camera that can be used for almost any type of game. Link: for watching; and let me know Read more

18th, December 2018 | by Vincent31415
Speed up/slow down time

Hello! My name is Vincent. I made a short video showing how to speed up/slow down time! hope this helps you with your games! Read more

18th, December 2018 | by Vincent31415
How to make a car that you may enter and leave.

Hello anyone reading this! Today i'm going show you how to set up a car in construct 2 that allows you to enter and exit without disrupting anything else you set you. (hopefully) If you are still in Read more

7th, December 2018 | by TesterJr
REAL Scroll Bar for any Layout Size

First of all, create a sprite with the dimensions 10 x 80, or larger if you prefer, and the color of your preference too, and put the behavior of drag'n drop.This example takes the name of "scroll_bar Read more

10th, December 2018 | by bestfastfire
Amazon Fire TV remote

In the case you are trying to make your game work with any amazon device that use the Amazon Fire TV remote, I'm pretty sure the GamePad plugin its not working for You.This is because the Amazon Fire Read more

4th, September 2018 | by hackinc2000
High Score Table simplest way

This tuto leads you to get automatic rank order of a group of several values (10 here but you can do with as much as you want) from higher to lower. ideal to get a hi-scores board or any other stuff t Read more

30th, August 2018 | by SylphArcade