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How To Setup Facebook Instant Games for your Construct 3 Game / App

This is more a setup guide and does not cover how to use facebook developer tools, official documentation can be found at official docs for Facebook Instant Games First Things First: Make sure Read more

22nd, March 2018 | by Liam Twose
Working with Tiles in Tilemap: Count amount of Tiles

THE GREAT QUESTION: HOW DO I KNOW WHAT TILES I HAVE IN A TILEMAP? Well that is a question I asked myself and when looking for a reference I realized that there is no tutorial or reference wi Read more

30th, May 2018 | by NECRONOMICRON
Coin Magnet

Perform a functionality where the coins or items move towards us is very but very easy with the behavors, we need the MOVETO which can download it here: To our object (Coin, item) that will be affecte Read more

19th, June 2018 | by ssjin3
Simple Construct 2 Admob Ads [Working]

Hi there, in this tutorial I will explain the proper integration of Google Ad Mob Ads using construct 2 and What’s required?1. Banner or Interstitial ad unit id ( Read more

28th, July 2018 | by neeleshjoyram
How to Create an Upgrade System for Tycoon/Clicker Games

Here is my youtube video on how to create an upgrade system for certain games. I hope I was clear enough but please ask if you have any questions Read more

6th, July 2018 | by Skolas3654
Misc examples

Hello if you dont have idea, you searching for inspirationor looking for addational systems for your existing gameust take look at this list of ideas here: Read more

7th, July 2018 | by delgado
C3/2 - 16 Direction and Angle Animations

This is how I go beyond the 8 direction movement behavior to do 16 Direction animations. This is useful for smoother animations during pathfinding movement, or any type of movement. Video Link: Youtub Read more

10th, August 2018 | by jmiller4180
High Score Table simplest way

This tuto leads you to get automatic rank order of a group of several values (10 here but you can do with as much as you want) from higher to lower. ideal to get a hi-scores board or any other stuff t Read more

30th, August 2018 | by SylphArcade
How to create parallax background in construct 2

in this video i have shown how to create infinite parallax scrolling background in just few steps.If you like this videothen please subscribe my channel for more videos Read more

14th, February 2017 | by luckyrawatlucky
How to create Animated menu option

in this video i have shown how to create a menu option system in Construct 2which can be used in any type of game especially Arcade Games, Function in this game arewhen player win then popup menu appe Read more

17th, February 2017 | by luckyrawatlucky