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Simple tutorials in capx files

Hello, my name is Yordimix96 and I am a new creator of 2D games and here I will leave you some tutorials in capx for your game. I hope it works for you and if you have any questions or want more infor Read more

13th, February 2018 | by Yordimix96
Smooth and realistic player controls for TDS game

In this tutorial I will show you how to make cool and realistic player controls, and also how to make a ray based shooting system! :) Read more

18th, February 2018 | by lolish
Advanced AI for TDS game

This video will teach you how to make an advanced AI for TDS genre gameEnemy can be warned or unwarnedIf warned it will follow youPlaying attack animation if too close to the playerIf lost player in a Read more

22nd, February 2018 | by lolish
Seamless textures, no quality or size loss

If you don't have an artist, then my new Construct 2 tutorial will be very helpful for you!In this one I will show you how make seamless textures, so you can resize and rotate without any properties a Read more

3rd, March 2018 | by lolish
How to target a specific tile ID upon collision

Hey Constructors,This is my first tutorial, so no trolling me! :)I had a need, in my platformer game, to identify whether or not an enemy was currently overlapping a specific tile ID. I had a basic un Read more

19th, January 2018 | by danalog
24 minute time cycle

This tutorial is made to be used as a base to bring forth day and night cycles in construct. The clock in determined by global variables, so it's fairly simple to use them when when for example changi Read more

21st, November 2017 | by TheCrazyPrince
Smooth following camera tutorial

Hello! I made a shot video showing you how to make a smooth camera that can be used for almost any type of game. Link: for watching; and let me know Read more

18th, December 2018 | by Vincent31415
Speed up/slow down time

Hello! My name is Vincent. I made a short video showing how to speed up/slow down time! hope this helps you with your games! Read more

18th, December 2018 | by Vincent31415
Construct(ing) Adaptive Music

Adaptive music is a technique (or rather a family of techniques) that can be used to vary a game soundtrack over time. Starting in the early 2000s with the Microsoft’s Direct Music Producer (part of t Read more

19th, December 2018 | by GQAudio
How to make a car that you may enter and leave.

Hello anyone reading this! Today i'm going show you how to set up a car in construct 2 that allows you to enter and exit without disrupting anything else you set you. (hopefully) If you are still in Read more

7th, December 2018 | by TesterJr