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Custom Array Plugin

Recently in my project I was looking to set Array instance variable but there was no such option for Array, so I made custom Array from default.This is my first plugin so please comment if something c Read more

28th, December 2016 | by maribor
Color Switch Game Tutorial with Construct 2

Famous Game Color Switch one of the most popular games in the history of the app store and has ranked #1 for over 40 days total and has been downloaded over 30 Million timesColor Switch game was build Read more

27th, October 2016 | by veeru5656
How to fix Error with Appodeal when building apk in Intel XDK

Hi FriendsThis is Lucky Rawat and I will show you How to fix Error when building apk in Intel XDKI have done a lot of experiment with this to get rid from this error. Approx 150 time.I have found some Read more

6th, October 2016 | by luckyrawatlucky
Make a Platformer - Part 1

This platform tutorial is focused on running through concepts quickly while adding a bit of character/personality to the final product. Read more

28th, September 2014 | by Tekniko
Intel XDK build button missing fix for Non-English systems

If your are using Intel XDK in another language than English and have a missing Build Button, simply change your Windows System language to English to solve the issue. Read more

2nd, February 2015 | by sinitra
Pi without Pi Calculator

Just a bit of geekazoid fun, watch Pi being calculated live by your computer, unfortunately due to performance optimization we can't do more than 10-decimal places with C2 - it would be impractical fo Read more

6th, February 2015 | by EddyDingDongs
Top 10 High Score

This tutorial teaching showing the top 10 results.Object type used: WebStorage, Function, Text (Name: TextScore variable: Score(text))Global variable: Highscore (number), NewScore(number)Local variabl Read more

18th, February 2015 | by thiagosantostsd
How to test exported HTML 5 game without hosting upload.

Introduction Sorry for my english, i`m from russia and bad know english. First, what we need, is install Denwer (DNWR). Install denwer download You need to go here. Next, click Read more

17th, April 2016 | by flameneon
Record your Android Screen for free and easily

Just finished creating that wondeful Construct 2 Android demo or game and you want to show it off to the world?Here's an app that you can use to record your Android footage with minimal lag and can re Read more

12th, June 2016 | by KazaaMafia
How to Create Circle Tangential Movement in Construct 3

Learn How to create Circle Tangential Movement in Construct 3So here is a new tutorial made in Construct 3. In this video I have shown how you can create Circle Tangential Movement with no plugin no b Read more

3rd, April 2017 | by luckyrawatlucky