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How to count every floors for jumper game

Global variable : - score type number set as "0".Instance variable :- landed type number set as "0".Needed object : - Sprites- Text- KeyboardSee the picture1. Add instance variable ''landed' and beh Read more

26th, July 2017 | by marmis
X-ray vision

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I seen a lot of people asking how to do X-ray vision so I came up with this tutorial last night so hopefully this helps out a lot of people. I' Read more

19th, July 2017 | by mikewalton206
Facebook Key Hash Made Easy

Facebook Key Hash Made Easy *Really Works* Hello Everyone,I just wanted to share a way to get your key hash for Facebook. It Really works :) Read more

9th, September 2017 | by Jetzoo1
Get KeyStore The Easy Way

Get KeyStore The Easy Way Hello Everyone, This tutorial Is for the newbies and not so tech Savvy Individuals...1.) Use either of these Apps to help the process plus it is faster. https://pla Read more

11th, September 2017 | by Jetzoo1
Ninja Adventure

-Hello everybody, today we are going to explain how to make a videogame of platform with Construct 2 (Scirra), this tutorial consist in 3 parts how to put the background, the movement of the character Read more

2nd, November 2017 | by oscarcamflo
Pathfinding Route Visualization

Hi, everyone!If you're working with the Pathfinding behavior (e.g. turn-based strategy project) you probably want to show player the path that object will move along. Unfortunately Pathfinding behavio Read more

25th, November 2017 | by Wolod
Some thoughts on landing pages

Landing pages are all the rage. So, I decided that I needed one for my iOS game, Eye of the Fiend. Other than the marketing aspect, I thought it would be a good place to host a detailed FAQ and press Read more

27th, November 2017 | by donjamin
Tips for creating 8Bit games!

GraphicsGraphics are required in every game some are very advanced while others are very simple 8Bit graphics can be pretty simple but can become very complex from time to time.You may think modeling Read more

19th, November 2017 | by GuitarStuffz
Create selfie game with fancy frames to share directly on FB & whatsap

Hi Everyone,Today I am going to share my new game here where you can open camera, take selfie, select frame and then directly share it on Facebook or whatsapp or download to keep it with you on your m Read more

21st, November 2017 | by jatin1726
Click to move-Pathfinding-Diablo style

There are many ways to go about the movement of the PC's in your games, and one of them are the classic Diablo movments, which is also used in my other MMO's. We are using pathfinding, and spawning an Read more

21st, November 2017 | by TheCrazyPrince