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Construct 2 - One trick Everyday #3 - Detect swipe/control direction

Hi Everyone,In this video I will show how to make player move in the direction of swipe. Player can swipe left, right or Jump. Code is just 3-4 event lines.Check the video here and if you find it diff Read more

12th, March 2018 | by jatin1726
Construct 2 - One Trick Everyday #4 - Zoom image in/out on clik of btn

Hi Friends,This is my 4th tutorial in the series for one trick everyday. In this I will show you how to zoom in out or scale an image proportionally. This is easy and I have tried to show it with help Read more

14th, March 2018 | by jatin1726
Construct 2 - One Trick Everyday #5 - Create water in game

Hi Guys,Today gonna show you how to create water in construct 2. Its super easy by using effect from construct 2. Please follow the video. In case video is not playing for you then directly watch it h Read more

15th, March 2018 | by jatin1726
Simulate jumping using mouse or touch control

Simple simulation of jumping using touch or mouse control even you can make automated behaviour for enemies as well by tweaking little.Setting for SpriteSmall code for calculating pixel for jumpI have Read more

17th, January 2018 | by socialpilgrim
How to make a Side Scrolling Shooter.

So this is a 2-hour video showing you how to create a Side-Scrolling Shooter within Construct 2. This tutorial assumes you have a little knowledge of Construct 2 but is still considered a beginners tu Read more

19th, January 2018 | by VictoryX
Creating a "MM:SS" style clock with one event

Based on the method by strevor73I've seen a few tutorials on how to do this but they all use multiple objects or variables. It's possible to do this however with just one variable and one event.The fi Read more

28th, January 2018 | by SteamPoweredPix
Making a character shoot correctly

Ever wanted to create a Metroid style game, but your player can't shoot correctly? Here's the solution. Getting started So you will start by creating your player and his animations, and after y Read more

28th, December 2017 | by MrQuickGame
Match Character Angle to to the Angle of the Terrain

This is the end result we all want. The character always being perfectly aligned to the ground. This is how it would look like without our little tweak: Step one: -> Read more

22nd, December 2017 | by 7Winter
How to make a Custom Startpage

I Learning show you how to make a custom startpage. Requires Construct 2Notepad++ Start Making Here First you can find on flie with "C:\File Programs" for clicking on construct 2Find fil Read more

28th, December 2017 | by lolsuperscratch
Misc examples

Hello if you dont have idea, you searching for inspirationor looking for addational systems for your existing gameust take look at this list of ideas here: Read more

7th, July 2018 | by delgado