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Deploy your C2 game to iOS - The easy way.

Like the tutorial? Want it updated regularly? ^^ Favorite it ^^ -- please? Prerequisites: - You need a iOS Developer Account.- You need to create your app in iTunes Connect before cont Read more

15th, March 2014 | by Taurian
Cloning the Classics: Breakout

In this series of video tutorials, we create a Breakout game.Note: For an optimal viewing experience, watch the videos on YouTube in Full Screen mode at high resolution (HD-720).There are 12 videos in Read more

29th, May 2012 | by stemkoski
How to make an Airplane Shooter with Construct 2 [OUTDATED]

NOTE: This video tutorial series is extremely outdated and the videos are no longer on YouTube. Sorry!7 Part Video Tutorial for making an airplane shooter game in Construct 2.You can download the spri Read more

8th, August 2011 | by ayzhong
Importing and controlling Spriter animation Files

Hi everyone,This Tutorial is intended to give you all the up to date information and links you need to start using Spriter files in Construct 2.We'll be sure to update the information any time there‚Äôs Read more

8th, November 2013 | by Mike at BrashMonkey
Health Bar

This is a really quick and simple way to create a health, mana, stamina bar in Construct 2.Watch on YouTube Read more

24th, January 2013 | by ArcadEd
Arcade Style High Score

Using Webstorage to locally store a high score and replace it if the score is broken. You can also do this with Session instead of Local to keep the high score only for that session, not forever.Watc Read more

25th, January 2013 | by ArcadEd
Screen Resolution for Mobile

This is a tutorial written as the first part of my Mobile Monetization course on Udemy.This tutorial walks through the process I have used on several games to make sure they look good on all mobile de Read more

26th, April 2014 | by ArcadEd
Construct 2 - Online video course - Make a platformer

Hi, during April 2013 Yann and I conducted an online course on how to make a platformer oriented towards beginners.The course was composed of 4 sessions of 2h to 2h30 and we also recorded some extra v Read more

27th, April 2013 | by Kyatric
Spawning Enemies - Contra Style

Real simple tutorial showing how to spawn enemies off screen.Watch on YouTube! Read more

24th, May 2013 | by ArcadEd
Create a Bomber Man inspired game from scratch [video tutorial]

I made another video tutorial for Envato Gamedev TutsPlus.The tutorial is composed of 4 parts and aimed at beginners using Construct2 free version.The introduction videoAll the other videos/parts are Read more

6th, June 2013 | by Kyatric