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How to make savegames

Construct 2 provides an easy way to make savegames. These allow your players to save the game , then come back later and load it from exactly where they left off . It's important for l Read more

9th, April 2013 | by Ashley
Arrays for Beginners

(This tutorial assumes you have some knowledge of how Construct’s Conditions and Actions work. If not, see the beginner tutorial.) What is an array? Basically, you can think of an array Read more

23rd, May 2012 | by ramones
Basic Loops and Arrays

This tutorial is under construction! Please tell me if I've gotten anything wrong, or missed something you think is important. In this tutorial we'll look at the basics of arrays and loops in Read more

29th, June 2011 | by cow_trix
Easy Inventory Using An Array

This tutorial has been completely redone as of Sept/14/2015 Requirements A basic understanding of Arrays and Functions if you wish to adapt it to your own needs. How It Works Fo Read more

12th, June 2013 | by EncryptedCow
Webstorage - how to save ingame information

Sometimes it is tough to find the right information even within tutorials since the title sometimes obfucates the content.Now, this short tutorial will cover the WebStorage-Plug in. Things to consi Read more

18th, February 2012 | by Weishaupt
Array-based inventory

Hello everyone. I saw a couple of tutorials about making inventory and decided to share with you my way of making it. I warn you that English is not my native language and in writing this tutorial, I Read more

7th, July 2013 | by Waltan
Who said you can't create a database with Construct 2?

Yeah I am very happy to learn that Construct 2 can be used to create:-an app-a slideshow/presentation-animation-apart from the game creation itself.After learning, an idea of making a Database Form Ap Read more

21st, March 2012 | by ZaksCommunicates
How to use the LocalStorage plugin

About Here I'll show you a way (sure there are diffrent ways to work it out though) for saving and loading numeric variables or string variables from the LocalStorage.If you want to support me Read more

9th, May 2015 | by AndreasR
Sturdy Experience System

INTRODUCTION Hi all,I see a lot of different ways to handle experience and levelling up, but I usually see they have some issues. Normally these issues are not obvious, and may never cause th Read more

23rd, November 2013 | by Tobye
Lennaerts PHP mysql multiplayer tutorial

Hi folks, this is the tutorial for a php based multiplayer, build from scratch.It is loosely based on my TankWars multiplayer test game.This method works with CocoonJS too as they are mere ajax reques Read more

23rd, November 2013 | by lennaert