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How to make a gravity-based platformer

There has been a bit of interest and intrigue about how I made the gravity mechanics in AirScape. So I have decided to write my first tutorial on how I did it, and show how simple it really is.The fir Read more

10th, March 2012 | by sqiddster
Physics in Construct 2: The basics

Construct 2 includes the Physics behavior, powered by Box2DWeb. This allows you to have objects moving with real-world physics - here's a demo to show the idea. Physics can make your games really fu Read more

29th, September 2011 | by Ashley
Physics in Construct 2: Forces, impulses, torque and joints

If you haven't already, check out the Physics in Construct 2: The Basics tutorial. That'll cover the basics you need to know before moving on to forces, impulses and joints.The main fun of using Cons Read more

29th, September 2011 | by Ashley
How to make Fluids

The only effect required in this tutorial is the amazing Alpha Threshold created by Animmaniac. (He's brazilian like me! \o/)This is the final result:Play it Here Let's start! First of Read more

19th, January 2014 | by baldissera
Physical Bike!

I've been asked to come up with a tutorial on how to build a "realistic" bike for C2. It took me some time to figure out the most improtant dynamics, but I think I've come pretty close.You'll find the Read more

3rd, January 2012 | by Weishaupt
Gravity-Based Platform Game

Special Thanks Before I begin on this tutorial, i'd like to thank Sqiddster and a very nice Scirra user who helped me understand the code and work me through bugs. I'd also like to thank Yann Read more

23rd, June 2012 | by TehChikenHater
Using Physics object's momentum to assign damage

Thanks to the beauty of the physics behavior in Construct 2, we can create some spectacular effects that simulate real world physics. One of the questions I’ve seen most asked on the forums is “how c Read more

5th, March 2013 | by theubie
Physics bridge

Using bridges in a game can make some really nice gameplay.While using a normal, static bridge is always nice, it's sometimes just to plain and nothing much can happen.Therefor you can use physics to Read more

2nd, July 2012 | by CodeMasterMike
Create car physics

This tutorial is showing you how to create either a top-down car physics or a side-view car physics with the Car physics behavior.There is already a nice behavior in Construct, that lets you create a Read more

13th, June 2012 | by CodeMasterMike
Basic Physics Tutorial - Save the Monkeys!

GETTING STARTED A tutorial to demonstrate the use of Basic Physics . You need to save the monkeys by making sure their platform reaches the ground with the monkeys still on Read more

3rd, July 2012 | by Mazzran