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Performance Tips for Mobile Games

So, you got Construct 2 installed and working, created a simple 5 sprites game with background, exported it to phonegap build or appMobi and you're like "it's running at FIVE frames per second, WTF Co Read more

26th, April 2012 | by ranma
Optimization and Top level events

Preface As a new C2 programmer, I spent some time trying to understand what is under the hood, how events work, and how to use them wisely.I've put here the infos I found on how to optimize ev Read more

1st, July 2013 | by Guizmus
How to smoothly switch between layouts

Update The tutorial below shows a trick to "mask" the preloading time. Since I wrote this tutorial I experimented a lot and I finally managed to make a plugin which does the real layout preloa Read more

14th, September 2015 | by Toby R
Multiple Graphic Modes to increase Performance

Hi guys, I thought I should share this tutorial with you because there is so much concern about mobile/tablet performance on the forums.I have created this simple .CAPX file (eddy_GraphicModes_01.capx Read more

31st, March 2014 | by EddyDingDongs
Lennaerts performance tips

Recently been going through code, trying to find methods to improve and actually came up with some simpe things.1. ApproachCheck how you approach your game mechanics.A very simple example:instead of u Read more

15th, November 2013 | by lennaert
Optimization 101: Collision checks and Groups

This tutorial covers several techniques to improving performance when you have when you have lots of objects such as enemies and bullets.If you have hundreds of sprites such as enemies or bullets whic Read more

27th, May 2016 | by suntank
Mac App Store (OSX) Improve the performance of the app

Mac APP Store is a very simple opportunity to expand the market.Create a publishable native App on Mac App Store is as simple as creating a project that includes a Webview reference the index.html fil Read more

5th, February 2014 | by thejbos
View your framerate

If you're using Google Chrome, it's possible to view the framerate of your game. To turn on this option, go to the following url: chrome://flags/Scroll to the following option:Click on save at the bot Read more

28th, December 2011 | by Tibiacity
How to create curved touch sensitive areas or click on a non-square ob

Welcome, in this tutorial to teach me my disposal an efficient way to create non-square areas to give more realism to the touch or click.for this project we need the following objects.I made this tuto Read more

18th, August 2015 | by sielxm3d
How to make a realistic curved area to touch or click.

Welcome to this tutorial I teach an efficient way to create areas of non-square objects to give more realism to the touch or click on these objects.For this project we will need the following objects. Read more

18th, August 2015 | by sielxm3d