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Plugins - roll your own with the JavaScript SDK

Here's a YouTube video to step you through the basics of making your own plugin using the JavaScript SDK.~Your feedback is welcome! Read more

19th, July 2012 | by Velojet
Drawing with the SDK in Construct 2

I figured out understanding it thanks to the new Particle plugin.I put it here an example (from my comboBox plugin) for devs who needs help about drawing instance in edittime.js . Draw the Read more

7th, February 2012 | by septeven
Make your first plugin - Facebook Payments

So you want to create a plugin Today I want to talk about making plugins. Over the past couple of years, I have made a few addon sets of plugins for items such as Facebook. I've also completed Read more

17th, August 2015 | by h1k3
How to write a TicTacToe program in Javascript

Here is a tutorial that will hopefully help you to make an object-oriented Javascript program that runs a TicTacToe game on a webpage. Design First of all, you need to think about what kinds of Read more

4th, March 2014 | by themphi1
Using PlayFab Service in Construct 2/3

Introduction Hi fellow devs! Welcome to my tutorial! In this tutorial we will learn how to connect our Construct 2 project to PlayFab services.PlayFab is similar with GameSparks. You can compa Read more

19th, May 2018 | by agittm
Write a plugin with node modules for NW.js

Hello :)Today I will explain how to use node modules inside a plugin for NW.js. It's not that hard ^^ It will work only with NW.js since you don't have node inside the browser Req Read more

20th, June 2016 | by armaldio
Integrating AppsFlyer tracking with Construct2

Hello everyone!Let me share the process to enable AppsFlyer tracking using Construct2, since there is no current plugin or workaround (as far I researched).With the help of AppsFlyer support we manage Read more

23rd, January 2019 | by TheEndType1