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Checking for errors in browsers

By default browsers don't display any error messages when things go wrong. This is so your experience browsing the web is smooth and not interrupted with lots of annoying error messages. However, if Read more

3rd, December 2011 | by Ashley
Troubleshooting Construct 2's preview server

When you preview a game in Construct 2, it runs a local HTTP server to run the game. This is to make it work as if it were really online, and also to get around browser security limitations on Javasc Read more

27th, March 2012 | by Ashley
[For Beginners] How to Make a Good Debugging System for Previews

How to make a good debugging system for previews If this is your first contact with Construct 2, you may never dare to venture into a tutorial of Debugging, but this tutorial is just for you, Read more

17th, April 2013 | by TELLES0808
How to debug an Intel XDK application on Android

One common issue is finding out issues with an application you have converted to mobiles.Intel XDK actually does offer debugging tools to help out with this problem.Their configuration and usage might Read more

11th, November 2015 | by Kyatric
limit your framerate build to 60 fps

there was many threads about how to limit down the fps to 60 because of speed issues and gameplay changes that occured on high frequency screens (such as 120, 144 hz screen, any screen above 60hz actu Read more

9th, January 2018 | by SylphArcade
Organizing the event sheet for clarity and debugging using groups

Purpose The main idea is to have a simple way to write code while developing without breaking anything. It can also help to debug elements and have developer shortcuts to test gameplay. Des Read more

22nd, April 2015 | by rf900
How to Fix 'Cannot Find Object Texture File' Error

I would like to share this tutorial as this happened to me today and also to help other people who have had similar errors.As was mentioned in the forums before, I believed that this error occurred wh Read more

12th, December 2014 | by lynadaniel