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Adding sound - a beginner's guide

It takes three simple steps. Here they are, followed by detailed instructions, and a walkthrough showing how you can add sounds to the Beginner's Guide tutorial:1) Import sound files into your project Read more

13th, December 2011 | by Velojet
Playing Sounds With Functions

So you've made your game and put in a few sound effects, and maybe have a decent song in there as well. That's a start! Hopefully you've scanned over Adding sound - a beginner's guide by Velojet , Read more

19th, February 2013 | by poisonpage
How to read an XML and make your game talk

Introduction How cool would it be if you could have a single external script with all the dialogue for your game, that you can also use to make your game talk to you ? Well ideally, that's wha Read more

14th, January 2014 | by emoaeden
Audio - Playing Sound Files Without Needing to Import

INTRODUCTION The manual entry for the Audio plugin covers from the point of importing sound files into the project... but there is no clear indication of whether you can actually do without th Read more

24th, April 2013 | by necromaster
Effective Game Music

2nd Edition, Abridged Game music comes in all shapes and sizes, be it orchestral or 8-bit or dubstep or whatever genre you want; short loops, long pieces, or even ambient pieces created completely by Read more

10th, July 2013 | by Samulis
How to toggle Game Sounds & Music

Introduction Well, as a game developer, you are going to use lots of sounds , and one or couple of music for your game to make it interesting. Sometimes player wants to mu Read more

5th, July 2014 | by Naji
PhoneGap Low Latency Audio

Currently: 4th April 2012 the audio in PhoneGap is broken. and it's not the fault of Construct2, it's a problem of PhoneGap and the way it handles sound.Broken means:1) No concurrency (on most phones) Read more

4th, April 2012 | by 0plus1
XAudio2 - Peak and RMS

Introduction Warning: Unfortunately, the server software interprets the multiply sign as a control char. Therefore, throughout this tutorial all multiplication signs are replaced by the degree Read more

28th, July 2011 | by tulamide
Mixing the File Chooser and Video plugins (Construct 2 Music Player)

As I haven't yet seen this be covered in any exampled in Construct 2, and it'd be something extremely useful, I'd like to show how you can mix Construct 2's Video and File Chooser plugins. One thing y Read more

2nd, October 2014 | by KTML5
Semi-Procedural Music for your Game

When I talk about Semi-Procedural Music, I mean arrangements that are composed by a person, manually, not by a computer, but played randomly. For instance: You could have a set of variations Read more

29th, November 2014 | by wren206