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Touch Stick Controllers

---Note(30 December 2013) Please note for the time being a new CAPX and test page links in the back are updated. Prior comments of the tutorial not working were made. The tutorial only covered the pri Read more

17th, October 2012 | by jayderyu
How to Sign and Align your Android App (.apk)

Well, you've created your game in Construct 2, and have compiled it through CocoonJS (or your own methods). But when you try to publish it, it says you need to sign and align it. What does that mean? Read more

17th, February 2014 | by CarHazy
How to setup AdMob ads on Construct 2 + MoPub + CocoonJS

PREPARATION On CocoonJS level: submit form for CocoonJS premium account (it should be somewhere in CocoonJS dashboard)If you already have CocoonJS premium account then:1. select your project i Read more

22nd, December 2013 | by szymek
Google Play Games - Leaderboard & Achievements

IMPORTANT CocoonJS is not longer available! Please switch to You will find guides here.CocoonIO - Guides OUTDATED Hi guys,I will show you how to setup the new Google Play Gam Read more

11th, May 2014 | by AndreasR
Creating an analog joystick.

#A little bit about it.#You might've seen here is a control in the games. Prisutpaem to the creation of Here we need sprites. Create a joystick. In the main image editor ukruga do this:A Read more

3rd, July 2013 | by Siberian
How to include advertisements into an Android Crosswalk project

This tutorial will explain how to include advertisements in your Android Crosswalk project. Create a game and build it To include advertisements in your Android game you'll have to build a Cons Read more

2nd, March 2014 | by kitcoservices
How to make games:android,ios,widows phone with phonegap

How to make games:android,ios,widows phone with phonegap First we need to create a game. I did for example shooter.And he made buttons for touch .See how it looks. Export After the game Read more

2nd, July 2013 | by Siberian
Mobile Performance Boost

This is one simple way to increase performance on your mobile games. Although this can be applied to PC games. I don't think you will notice any difference.Please comment, like and share! Read more

22nd, March 2014 | by Tekniko
How to export to IOS with Ejecta

Ejecta is a great tool to export your game to the IOS platforms.First of all, we have to say an enormous thank you to 0plus1, who has done a incredible work for it, and shared it with the community. T Read more

5th, August 2013 | by goldentreee
Screenshot sharing - iOS & Android

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to take a screenshot, save it and share it with iOS and android's native share function.For of an example on how this is done, check out my game GATE on iOS Read more

7th, May 2015 | by 0Hayes