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Pathfinding with line of sight

Introduction Hello all!I'm going to show you how to combine the Pathfinding behaviour with a line of sight engine to create enemies which have some basic AI; they will wander around when not a Read more

19th, February 2013 | by Wrangler
Artificial Intelligence in Games, Part 2: State Machines & Platformers

In this article, we continue our discussion of artificial intelligence techniques in games and introduce the idea of state machines. A state machine is a method for modeling character behavior that ha Read more

8th, August 2014 | by stemkoski
Artificial Intelligence in Games, Part 1: Waypoints

Artificial Intelligence can be a significant addition to many different types of video games. Techniques of artificial intelligence make a more compelling experience for the player by simulating huma Read more

7th, August 2014 | by stemkoski
How to simplify your AI code with Finite State Machines

*This article will introduce you to Artificial Intelligence in video games. In this tutorial, you’ll learn what Finite State Machines are, and how to apply this powerful concept to your construct 2 AI Read more

25th, August 2014 | by Valerien
Bite Sized Game Development : Examples of NPCs in 2D platformers

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you some different ways to make various forms of computer controlled characters and NPCs for 2D platformers. This will differ slightly from my previous tutorials in Read more

6th, November 2014 | by SeriouslyCrunchy
Enemy AI for Range of Fire and Line of Sight - Top Down player

C2 Turret Behavior Supersedes this When I wrote this tutorial, there was no turret behavior in C2. It exists now, so may be the functionality of the behavior is much better than this. Try turr Read more

16th, November 2012 | by krish
Platformer Enemies AI - as of 2/5/2015

UPDATE - 2/5/2015File now fixes the "Idle" animation not being changed if "Idle" animation is not ordered first in Enemy's animationsUPDATE - 2/5/2015I always see people asking how to code basic enemi Read more

26th, December 2014 | by sgn15
Bite Sized Game Development : Basic AI for top down racing games

In this tutorial, I'm going to attempt to create a simple top-down racing protoype. In this game, the other cars in the race will be played by the computer who will attempt to go around the track fast Read more

1st, July 2014 | by SeriouslyCrunchy
Mobile KeyBoard and Hall of Fame for all Mobile Devices

I like to share some code to implement a Mobile KeyBoard and a Hall of Fame for usage in your own mobile games. I will attach all necessary (zipped) files (.capx, .php and .sql) you need to get starte Read more

1st, September 2014 | by Fronne
Give your Platformer Enemies AI

Here's a sample of how I gave my enemies (Agent Sprite) AI to chase the player (Ninja Sprite) and attack the Ninja.I give the Agent Sprite a Boolean variable called "Chasing". When some random event i Read more

5th, March 2014 | by TheDom