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Online High Score Table (AJAX, PHP, MySQL)

Welcome to my video tutorial explaining how to setup a mysql database on your hosting account, then setting up Construct 2 using that database for a high score table.This video series assumes you have Read more

13th, July 2012 | by ArcadEd
Multiplayer tutorial 1: concepts

Introduction Developing multiplayer games is difficult, even though Construct 2's Multiplayer object takes care of many of the complexities for you. In the same way the events to every game ar Read more

3rd, March 2014 | by Ashley
AJAX Example with Construct 2

Construct 2 has an AJAX object that will allow you to make a request to a target page in order to return the resultant data to AJAX.LastData where we can use the information collected.In this tutorial Read more

14th, September 2011 | by Ghengis
Multiplayer tutorial 2: chat room

This tutorial assumes you have already read Multiplayer tutorial 1: concepts.The easiest introduction to the multiplayer object in Construct 2 is a simple chat room. This only has to deal with connect Read more

14th, March 2014 | by Ashley
Multiplayer tutorial 4: real-time game

This tutorial assumes you have already read Multiplayer tutorial 1: concepts, Multiplayer tutorial 2: chat room and Multiplayer tutorial 3: pong.The first tutorial covered the theory of how multiplaye Read more

19th, March 2014 | by Ashley
Multiplayer tutorial 3: pong

This tutorial assumes you have already read both Multiplayer tutorial 1: concepts and Multiplayer tutorial 2: chat room.The first tutorial covered the theory of how multiplayer games work and the way Read more

22nd, April 2014 | by Ashley
Sending info to a mysql database

After going crosseyed looking for info for newbies I decided to do the ole trial and error to link up to a mysql database. So far what I can do is send info to the database. This tutorial assumes you Read more

18th, April 2012 | by h1k3
MoPub - Integrate AdMob in your CocoonJS games

Basics Download Demo capx C2 Ads BasementToday I will lead you through mopub and show you how to set it up with AdMob and CooconJS (works with Android and IOS).If you have some tipps p Read more

26th, May 2014 | by AndreasR
Tic-Tac-Toe - Part 3 - Multiplayer, with a Lobby

Part 3 - Creating a multiplayer tic-tac-toe game, utilizing a lobby server. This is a continuation of my tic-tac-toe series. We're making a jump here from beginner to advanced, so there's goin Read more

5th, May 2014 | by blackhornet
How to make a Multiplayer with Socket.IO

Update notes:I DO NOT RECOMMEND using Socket.IO anymore, you should use the official multiplayer plugin.I updated the Capx you are no longer needing the combobox & listbox plugin.Rewrote a few comment Read more

2nd, June 2013 | by SgtConti