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Direction-Based Sprite Animation

This tutorial gives two possible methods of animating a sprite so that it faces and "walks" in the direction it's moving. The first method works for either player-controlled or non-player-controlled s Read more

30th, November 2012 | by Sarahpin
How to use your own Web Fonts

Introduction Construct 2 Release 74 introduced the ability to use Web Fonts in your projects. This allows you to add custom fonts to your games without having your players install them on your Read more

3rd, January 2012 | by Przemek32767
Sprite Fonts, The How, What, When, & Where

Everything you always wanted to know about Sprite Fonts, and the ways and tools to create them. Yes, and free example fonts too.[Latest update is the FAQ #6 which details an alternative plugin allowin Read more

14th, August 2013 | by Paradox
Parallax effect with 4 layers for Construct2 Free edition

Introduction Add a parallax effect to our games can be a great feature for create a new environment for the player, but how they work? The parallax is the angular deviation of the apparent pos Read more

31st, May 2012 | by Quique
Using Web Fonts in the Text object

Construct 2's Text object supports Web Fonts , which are fonts hosted online. This is really handy for using interesting fonts because you can't guarantee everyone will have the same fonts as Read more

2nd, January 2012 | by Ashley
Cinematic Zoom

This tutorial is for my friend SocialLie, and I hope that pleases everyone. 1 - Create a Global Variable " zoom " = 1 . 2 a - Create two inactive group " zoom in Read more

31st, January 2012 | by ethan0004
Random Animation

Every once in a while people ask, how they can randomly select an animation.This very short tutorial shows a very simple way to do this. Techniques used There are a few basic techniques require Read more

24th, January 2012 | by Weishaupt
Generating a Random Tile Map

Overview I’m going to demonstrate the method I use to generate random maps based on tiles. This is useful when you want to create levels for your game, but don’t want/don’t have the time to s Read more

9th, August 2012 | by UnrealMedia
Scene Transition with Shaders

While Ashley doesn't implement automatic scene transition effects, i'm gonna teach how to do it manually on this tuto.Result Capx1. Preparation Have at least two layouts. On first layout, in p Read more

25th, September 2012 | by Kiyoshi
Animation Control - Event Based

Lately I have noticed, that animation control is often asked subject in the "How to"'s. Most of the time - just like I did - people stumble over the strange behavior of the Wait stat Read more

29th, December 2011 | by Weishaupt