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Cloning the Classics: PacMan

(Updated June 6th)In this tutorial, we will create a PacMan clone using the free edition of Construct 2 (version 90). (The capx file is available for download.) Setting up a tile-based map Firs Read more

23rd, May 2012 | by stemkoski
Make your own "Flappy Bird" game in 10 minutes

With Construct 2, it's possible to put together a very basic "Flappy Birds" game in around 10 minutes!You can download all the images and the Construct 2 Capx on the left and you can play the complete Read more

10th, February 2014 | by Tom
Zone-Based Camera Movement

This example shows how to limit the camera's movement to a specified area. This is useful for limiting the player's view to the room they're currently in, similar to Zelda and Castlevania. Demo Read more

10th, December 2013 | by zatyka
A dialog mod Construction, for easy use anywhere

Introduction What we are going for Dialog is a crucial part of lot's of games, especially RPGs. It seems simple at first, but if you want to make a solid structure that can support mul Read more

27th, January 2014 | by Guizmus
Record and Rewinds System (Similar to Braid)

This is an example of how to record an object's movements to an array, and "play" the array in reverse to achieve a rewind effect similar to Braid. The example also leverages delta-time when recordin Read more

10th, December 2013 | by zatyka
Procedural Level Generation Using Global Variables and Collisions

Hello! I created a procedural level generation method for my 1st game (a runner,) using only global variables and collisions. It’s my 1st tutorial, so please offer suggestions. Oh and the CAPX is incl Read more

26th, December 2013 | by KFII
Lightning-fast raycasting!

Raycasting is the process of drawing a line from some point to measure the distance to the nearest solid. It has a huge number of uses, with beams and lasers being perhaps the most common. However ray Read more

11th, March 2014 | by sqiddster
Particle Demo Capx

I had planned on writing an extensive particle tutorial, but have never had the time. I did have most of a demo capx ready though. So I am uploading it here as a place to grab ready made particles. ( Read more

11th, December 2013 | by Paradox
Weather effects with particles in Construct 2

I have came across this great tutorial about Weather effects by valdarko and I said to myself there should be a better way to do this with particles.So I start to investigate and quickly I have realiz Read more

26th, February 2014 | by sajmons
Auto-tile Using Sprites, Arrays, and a Bitwise Method.

This is an example of how to auto-tile sprites using an array and a bitwise method explained here: Demo Please Note: With Read more

10th, December 2013 | by zatyka