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Delta-time and framerate independence

Framerate independent games are games that run at the same speed, no matter the framerate. For example, a game might run at 30 FPS (Frames Per Second) on a slow computer, and 60 FPS on a fas Read more

10th, October 2011 | by Ashley
Guide to Construct 2's advanced event features

Construct 2 offers some advanced features in the event sheet. These can allow expert users to make the most of the event system, enabling more sophisticated logic than normally possible with standard Read more

13th, April 2012 | by Ashley
Multiplayer tutorial 1: concepts

Introduction Developing multiplayer games is difficult, even though Construct 2's Multiplayer object takes care of many of the complexities for you. In the same way the events to every game ar Read more

3rd, March 2014 | by Ashley
Personal Daemon

Personal Daemon Meaning:jinni = daemôn = daimon = daemon = genie = génio = djinni = génieThe term “daemon” is translated from latin as personal genie, used by Socrates, which despite his fello Read more

10th, April 2012 | by ludodesign
Multiplayer tutorial 2: chat room

This tutorial assumes you have already read Multiplayer tutorial 1: concepts.The easiest introduction to the multiplayer object in Construct 2 is a simple chat room. This only has to deal with connect Read more

14th, March 2014 | by Ashley
Random dungeon generator (Node based)

Demonstration Demo of Dungeon Generator Getting started This tutorial will show how to create a random generated dungeon based on a node system. In theory there are no limit to how big Read more

27th, April 2014 | by nimos100
Multiplayer tutorial 4: real-time game

This tutorial assumes you have already read Multiplayer tutorial 1: concepts, Multiplayer tutorial 2: chat room and Multiplayer tutorial 3: pong.The first tutorial covered the theory of how multiplaye Read more

19th, March 2014 | by Ashley
Procedural Dungeon Generation: A Roguelike Game

Overview In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a Roguelike-style game. This style involves "procedural generation", which means that the level design (rooms, hallways, player/item/enem Read more

6th, August 2014 | by stemkoski
Swipe based Smooth Scrolling with Inertia

Intro I lot of people were asking for this in the forums, so I finally decided to write a tutorial for the same. For my recent Windows Store game RikochetZ, I wanted to implement swipe based l Read more

19th, May 2013 | by abhishan
How to improve your Construct 2 code with Callbacks

Today, we will take a look at synchronous callbacks. Behind this expression lies a simple, yet powerful programming concept. Let us see how it can help us to build more efficient code in construct 2. Read more

9th, July 2014 | by Valerien