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Beginner's guide to Construct 2

Well done for choosing Construct 2! Let's get started making your first HTML5 game. We'll be making the 'Ghost Shooter' demo game. Try it out here first so you know what we're aiming for: a player Read more

26th, June 2011 | by Ashley
How to export to Android with Crosswalk

Crosswalk is effectively the Google Chrome for Android browser turned in to a wrapper for apps. Since it's based on a real browser it has support for all the features Chrome has, including WebGL, Web Read more

14th, January 2014 | by Ashley
How Construct 2 licenses work

What Construct 2 License do I need? You can use our "What License Do I Need" tool to quickly discover which license you are required to use. A full description of the licenses we offer exis Read more

22nd, August 2011 | by Ashley
Construct 2's export-time optimisations

You might have noticed that sometimes the Export project option takes a couple of minutes to complete, especially with larger projects. This is because Construct 2 is working hard to optimise your pro Read more

6th, June 2013 | by Ashley
Exporting desktop apps with NW.js

Construct 2 can export your project as a traditional desktop app with NW.js, which is basically a standalone version of the Google Chrome browser. In other words it's very much like having your projec Read more

13th, November 2014 | by Ashley
How to "upgrade" an object to a family

It's always good to plan ahead when making a project, and determine when you'll need a family in advance. However it's easy to forget and end up with a large number of events using a specific object t Read more

23rd, April 2013 | by Ashley
Tips to reduce the download size

There are a few tricks you can use to ensure the download size of your project is as small as possible. Here's a few options to look at. Image formats By default, Construct 2 exports everything Read more

12th, December 2014 | by Ashley