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Beginner's guide to Construct 2

Well done for choosing Construct 2! Let's get started making your first HTML5 game. We'll be making the 'Ghost Shooter' demo game. Try it out here first so you know what we're aiming for: a player Read more

26th, June 2011 | by Ashley
How to make a Platform game

Construct 2 can make all kinds of 2D games. In this tutorial, you'll be taken through the basics of making a platform game in Construct 2. If you're new to Construct 2 and would prefer to make a top Read more

26th, January 2012 | by Ashley
Supporting multiple screen sizes

Virtually every game has to work on a different sized screen. This can be different size phone screens - which can even vary across different versions of the same device, like the iPhone 4S vs. iPhone Read more

29th, October 2011 | by Ashley
Cloning the Classics: PacMan

(Updated June 6th)In this tutorial, we will create a PacMan clone using the free edition of Construct 2 (version 90). (The capx file is available for download.) Setting up a tile-based map Firs Read more

23rd, May 2012 | by stemkoski
Offline games in Construct 2

Construct 2 games work offline. So long as the game has been downloaded once while online, the user can play the game again after going offline. This is great for both iOS web apps and Chrome Web St Read more

24th, October 2011 | by Ashley
How to create a custom loading bar for your game

Introduction If you think the default Construct 2's preloader doesn't look very professional, good news: the newest Construct 2 release allows for custom preloaders! A new feature added in Rel Read more

7th, June 2012 | by Przemek32767
How to make Android games

Creating a game for Android is easy with Construct 2. If you haven't already, download the Free edition and get going with the Beginner's guide! Development You'll need to add touch controls. Read more

6th, September 2012 | by Ashley
Simple Login using a MySQL database

First of all I'm assuming that to read this tutorial you have some basic familiarity with mysql (that is you know it's a database, you know what phpmyadmin is or have used some sort of db management s Read more

5th, April 2013 | by emperorkk
How to "upgrade" an object to a family

It's always good to plan ahead when making a project, and determine when you'll need a family in advance. However it's easy to forget and end up with a large number of events using a specific object t Read more

23rd, April 2013 | by Ashley
Build Android Apps with Phonegap

Hello Everyone, This is a simple tutorial in how to Build your C2 Games, and make them ready for Publish for Android using Phonegap. Hopefully you will find this tutorial useful. Anyhow, let’s start Read more

23rd, May 2017 | by alajajm