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How to make Fluids

The only effect required in this tutorial is the amazing Alpha Threshold created by Animmaniac. (He's brazilian like me! \o/)This is the final result:Play it Here Let's start! First of Read more

19th, January 2014 | by baldissera
2D Game Art for Programmers

I found this vector art tutorial:This was done by the amazing Chris Hildebrand. You can find more at his blog: Read more

16th, September 2012 | by eryltalbot
Gamers: Who Are We?

We players are tired of reality.We abandon reality at opportune moments: a few minutes in line at the bank, several more in the middle of that boring job, a few hours late in the evening to relax, and Read more

1st, May 2013 | by ludodesign
Creating an analog joystick.

#A little bit about it.#You might've seen here is a control in the games. Prisutpaem to the creation of Here we need sprites. Create a joystick. In the main image editor ukruga do this:A Read more

3rd, July 2013 | by Siberian
Pick every object within range

This is my first tutorial so please send me some feedback with your comment. Introduction In this tutorial will show you how to pick any object within some range. I could not find this event a Read more

13th, April 2012 | by toteto
NPCs Inimigos Parte 1 | 10# Vídeoaula

Bom dia, boa tarde ou talvez boa noite!Nessa decima vídeo-aula eu irei ensinar como fazer com que um NPC inimigo siga o personagem como faz o fantasma Boo do SUper Mario World.Se o vídeo foi útil cliq Read more

9th, February 2014 | by buenoric2
Dicas para iniciantes | 1# Videoaula

Tutorial in PortugueseBom dia, boa tarde boa noite! Nessa primeira vídeo-aula eu tratei de noções básicas da Construct 2. Os principais recursos utilizados foram: Solid / Plataform / Mirror / Scrol T Read more

9th, February 2014 | by buenoric2
Following the mouse

When you put something to follow the mouse, if it goes right everything is fine, but when the character goes left mouse is reversed, he sights in the opposite direction of the mouse, one possible solu Read more

28th, November 2014 | by lccunha