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How to make savegames

Construct 2 provides an easy way to make savegames. These allow your players to save the game , then come back later and load it from exactly where they left off . It's important for l Read more

9th, April 2013 | by Ashley
Online High Score Table (AJAX, PHP, MySQL)

Welcome to my video tutorial explaining how to setup a mysql database on your hosting account, then setting up Construct 2 using that database for a high score table.This video series assumes you have Read more

13th, July 2012 | by ArcadEd
Making a Fancy Lifebar

Getting Started Here i'll assume you already have the graphics for your lifebar - make it however you want! But the basic structure is this:The second one is optional. It just gives it a bette Read more

13th, December 2011 | by Kiyoshi
How to make a Windows 8 app

Creating a game for Windows 8 is easy with Construct 2. If you haven't already, download the Free edition and get going with the Beginner's guide! Note: consider publishing a Universal store app, w Read more

9th, March 2012 | by Ashley
Spawning Enemies - Contra Style

Real simple tutorial showing how to spawn enemies off screen.Watch on YouTube! Read more

24th, May 2013 | by ArcadEd
Uploading HTML5 games to Kongregate

What is Kongregate? in the most basic description, is a flash game website that offers tons of games to play from various developers. Its a great source for those starting out a Read more

22nd, November 2011 | by TheOMP