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Beginner's guide to Construct 2

Well done for choosing Construct 2! Let's get started making your first HTML5 game. We'll be making the 'Ghost Shooter' demo game. Try it out here first so you know what we're aiming for: a player Read more

26th, June 2011 | by Ashley
Supporting multiple screen sizes

Virtually every game has to work on a different sized screen. This can be different size phone screens - which can even vary across different versions of the same device, like the iPhone 4S vs. iPhone Read more

29th, October 2011 | by Ashley
6 Steps to Play with Players' Minds

Open your mind, but be CAREFUL! This is a list of 6 mental motivators for human brains, created with the objective of pleasuring and motivating people to take action and to work on life-relate Read more

17th, December 2011 | by ludodesign
Record and Rewinds System (Similar to Braid)

This is an example of how to record an object's movements to an array, and "play" the array in reverse to achieve a rewind effect similar to Braid. The example also leverages delta-time when recordin Read more

10th, December 2013 | by zatyka
How to monetize your app/game

Hello everyone, this is my first tutorial! I hope you guys enjoy it! Leadbolt method First of all, register an account on Leadbolt under the developer tab as shown Read more

8th, December 2013 | by Harolddadev
Accurate Path Movement Utilizing Waypoints

This example is an implementation of a highly accurate path movement system whereby designated objects cyclically follow a set of waypoints in straight lines.Unlike other methods where arrival at a wa Read more

5th, February 2015 | by linkman2004
How to Code Faster in Construct 2

In this tutorial, you will learn some simple workflow adjustments and shortcuts to code fast in Construct 2. Tutorial notes Working with the Keyboard You can uncheck the “Add Action Read more

4th, February 2015 | by Valerien
Share Buttons using WhatsApp and Vibe

hey guys i was searching for a default way and easy way to share for whatsapp and found this tutorial bellow by @stctr share on twitter customwill follow the tutorial till the part where we need to a Read more

24th, September 2015 | by GeorgeZaharia
Rain & Splash Effect

This is a short beginner tutorial written by a short beginner!The tutorial is in the downloadable example (RainEffect.capx) which is usually found on the upper left of this page. The example capx is f Read more

6th, February 2015 | by blackcrypt
Creating a weapon effects

first import guns and bullets picture. After create "reload" text. make weapons of origin close to the trigger. import sounds create touch , audio.Create instance veriable. This will be the number of Read more

7th, February 2015 | by burak22