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Beginner's guide to Construct 2

Well done for choosing Construct 2! Let's get started making your first HTML5 game. We'll be making the 'Ghost Shooter' demo game. Try it out here first so you know what we're aiming for: a player Read more

26th, June 2011 | by Ashley
Supporting multiple screen sizes

Virtually every game has to work on a different sized screen. This can be different size phone screens - which can even vary across different versions of the same device, like the iPhone 4S vs. iPhone Read more

29th, October 2011 | by Ashley
6 Steps to Play with Players' Minds

Open your mind, but be CAREFUL! This is a list of 6 mental motivators for human brains, created with the objective of pleasuring and motivating people to take action and to work on life-relate Read more

17th, December 2011 | by ludodesign
Basic Physics Tutorial - Save the Monkeys!

GETTING STARTED A tutorial to demonstrate the use of Basic Physics . You need to save the monkeys by making sure their platform reaches the ground with the monkeys still on Read more

3rd, July 2012 | by Mazzran
8 Ways for a pro game

Hi all, after I've been in the game developing world for a year and a half, I had gotten various experiences especially from C2. Being an explorer gamer, I saw thousands & thousands of games, but I l Read more

26th, November 2013 | by Naji
Top 10 High Score with Webstorage and Arrays

I recently put out a new video course at Learn Construct 2. This video is an add on to that course showing how to create a local top 10 high score table using webstorage and arrays. Please note, thi Read more

9th, June 2013 | by ArcadEd
1 Click platform

ENGLISHUse the up arrow to jump, the other movements are automatic, we used the function that identifies the walls, and the character bounces back, user interaction is with one click, can easily be ad Read more

11th, January 2015 | by maxlive2010
Understanding Rotation and Angles

Rotations and Angles Hello Everyone!This tutorial is a very basic intro into angles and rotations and how they work to make games work. It is part of a basic series I am writing to help kids Read more

21st, January 2015 | by ruskul
Construct 3 Tutorial for Beginners

Hello Guys Welcome againI am back with new tutorial but this time I made tutorial for beginner's who are new in construct 3So If you guys like my work then press like buttonIf you want to watch my all Read more

9th, May 2017 | by luckyrawatlucky