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Pathfinding with line of sight

Introduction Hello all!I'm going to show you how to combine the Pathfinding behaviour with a line of sight engine to create enemies which have some basic AI; they will wander around when not a Read more

19th, February 2013 | by Wrangler
What a Game Designer Needs to Know

Many abilities can be useful for a game designer, some of which we can’t even imagine. One example is the study about typography that Jobs has done and ended up as a huge boost to computer science at Read more

20th, January 2012 | by ludodesign
Platformer Enhancements - Wall Jumping

Introduction In this tutorial we are going to add some additional functionality to our platformer games in the form of a wall jump action for our character. This is a tutorial focused on the Read more

28th, January 2013 | by BluePhaze
Direction-Based Sprite Animation

This tutorial gives two possible methods of animating a sprite so that it faces and "walks" in the direction it's moving. The first method works for either player-controlled or non-player-controlled s Read more

30th, November 2012 | by Sarahpin
Making a Fancy Lifebar

Getting Started Here i'll assume you already have the graphics for your lifebar - make it however you want! But the basic structure is this:The second one is optional. It just gives it a bette Read more

13th, December 2011 | by Kiyoshi
Physics in Construct 2: Forces, impulses, torque and joints

If you haven't already, check out the Physics in Construct 2: The Basics tutorial. That'll cover the basics you need to know before moving on to forces, impulses and joints.The main fun of using Cons Read more

29th, September 2011 | by Ashley
How to export to mobile with Cordova

Construct 2 supports exporting your games and apps to major mobile platforms with Cordova . Cordova is an open-source software library that allows HTML5 games and apps to be published as nati Read more

28th, October 2011 | by Ashley
Performance Tips for Mobile Games

So, you got Construct 2 installed and working, created a simple 5 sprites game with background, exported it to phonegap build or appMobi and you're like "it's running at FIVE frames per second, WTF Co Read more

26th, April 2012 | by ranma
Cloning the Classics: PacMan

(Updated June 6th)In this tutorial, we will create a PacMan clone using the free edition of Construct 2 (version 90). (The capx file is available for download.) Setting up a tile-based map Firs Read more

23rd, May 2012 | by stemkoski
Asteroid clone in less than 100 events

Making a simple but complete asteroid clone in less than 100 events using C2's free edition, that is the challenge of this tutorial.To prove that it is possible, to show how it can be done (and by no Read more

30th, July 2012 | by Kyatric