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11 Improvements for your brainstorm

Okay, now that you have read the Personal Daemon, ah! Haven't you read that post yet? I suggest you to read it before jumping right to the easier part, which is, jumping directly into the brainstormin Read more

8th, April 2012 | by ludodesign
How to use your own Web Fonts

Introduction Construct 2 Release 74 introduced the ability to use Web Fonts in your projects. This allows you to add custom fonts to your games without having your players install them on your Read more

3rd, January 2012 | by Przemek32767
Offline games in Construct 2

Construct 2 games work offline. So long as the game has been downloaded once while online, the user can play the game again after going offline. This is great for both iOS web apps and Chrome Web St Read more

24th, October 2011 | by Ashley
Timers in your games

Download capx. Simple Timer There are many uses for timers in games. Timing a game session, score based on time, countdowns, cooldowns, etc. Creating a timer is pretty simple.Every tick you add Read more

25th, January 2013 | by ramones
Making character composed of multiple parts

Introduction Here you'll learn the basic of composing character with multiple parts, improving your job and making source files smaller.This smart solution is not new, old games from PSX, Arca Read more

24th, July 2012 | by TELLES0808
Deploy your C2 game to iOS - The easy way.

Like the tutorial? Want it updated regularly? ^^ Favorite it ^^ -- please? Prerequisites: - You need a iOS Developer Account.- You need to create your app in iTunes Connect before cont Read more

15th, March 2014 | by Taurian
Basic Loops and Arrays

This tutorial is under construction! Please tell me if I've gotten anything wrong, or missed something you think is important. In this tutorial we'll look at the basics of arrays and loops in Read more

29th, June 2011 | by cow_trix
How to export to CocoonJS

Note: when exporting for Android, we recommend using Crosswalk instead since it has better compatibility with Construct 2 games. For more information see How to export to Android with Crosswalk. W Read more

14th, May 2012 | by Ashley
Building a global user interface (UI)

This is a short tutorial that will show you how to create a user interface (UI, also known as a heads-up display or HUD) in a single, dedicated layout that carries across your entire game. The advanta Read more

25th, June 2013 | by GeometriX
Creating a Memory Match Game

Introduction This series of video tutorials for more advanced Construct 2 beginners guides you step-by-step through the creation of a memory match card game with Construct 2. You’ll learn to r Read more

29th, March 2012 | by kittiewan