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How to sell your game to large publishers

Hi guys! You might not know this, but there are many game publishers out there looking to pay good money to license HTML5 games. A typical HTML5 game sells for a few hundred dollars, and good ones fet Read more

11th, July 2012 | by ben0
How Construct 2 licenses work

What Construct 2 License do I need? You can use our "What License Do I Need" tool to quickly discover which license you are required to use. A full description of the licenses we offer exis Read more

22nd, August 2011 | by Ashley
Level Select

ok, today i'm not going to do a tutorial made from me but its 100% made from @ramones so thanks to him for everything he made ^^so lets start first of all download this folder here it has all sprites Read more

27th, May 2012 | by zsangerous
Understanding UID, IID, Health, Cards and Rocket smoke trail.

Introduction Here you'll learn the basic of how "UID" and "IID" works, also, how the health of the enemy works.Who never tried to setup a rocket with smoke trail?And who never stuck on it whil Read more

16th, August 2012 | by TELLES0808
How to make a Title Menu

This .Capx tutorial attempts to show through demonstration, a method to quickly, easily and simply create a navigationable menu; using both a text based menu or sprite based menu to help the player co Read more

27th, June 2012 | by EnglishAcorn
Zone-Based Camera Movement

This example shows how to limit the camera's movement to a specified area. This is useful for limiting the player's view to the room they're currently in, similar to Zelda and Castlevania. Demo Read more

10th, December 2013 | by zatyka
Multiple screen sizing for all mobile devices

About six months ago I had an idea for a (mobile) game. I have programming skills in a dozen different programming languages but was a complete NOOB with Apps. After reading some articles on the worl Read more

19th, August 2014 | by Fronne
Artificial Intelligence in Games, Part 2: State Machines & Platformers

In this article, we continue our discussion of artificial intelligence techniques in games and introduce the idea of state machines. A state machine is a method for modeling character behavior that ha Read more

8th, August 2014 | by stemkoski
Multiplayer tutorial 2: chat room

This tutorial assumes you have already read Multiplayer tutorial 1: concepts.The easiest introduction to the multiplayer object in Construct 2 is a simple chat room. This only has to deal with connect Read more

14th, March 2014 | by Ashley
Platformer Enhancements - Double Jump

Introduction In this tutorial we are going to add some additional functionality to our platformer games in the form of a double jump action for our character. This is a tutorial focused on th Read more

4th, February 2013 | by BluePhaze