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My journey in treatment for BPD. You've put yourself out there, not only as a boxer, but also lecturing to groups about BPD. What is more taxing emotionally, speaking in front of a crowd or being in the ring? There is nothing like being in the ring. Sparring gets close, but even that is miles away from the feelings you get when you're in a competition. When I talk in front of a crowd, it's more of a one-way dialogue. A monologue. They're paying attention, nodding heads; there might be some questions and answers. But in the ring, there's a three -way conversation going on, you, your opponent and your coach. And it's all improvised. When you get really good at fighting competitively, boxing is a lot like jazz. But, right now, I'm still learning the notes, the phrasing, the beats and the rhythm of it all while trying to keep my cool and stay aggressive. It's a fine balancing act. For others suffering from BPD, who aren't boxers, and are looking for emotional tools and outlets. What do you suggest for them? There is something that exercise does for the mind/body makeup. I highly recommend some form of physical activity just because it reaps so many benefits. I found boxing to work because it gave me an outlet for anger and aggression, which I felt I could never display. For others, it's something else. They need to search for tools, projects, work or forms of fitness that will keep them anchored. I believe that the more you fill your life with things to help build you up, the better you're able to keep the disorder at bay. Do you have any final words? We can do great things not only despite mental illness, but also maybe because of it. If it

Intellimax IQweren't for my diagnosis, my treatment and my desire to feel empowered, I would have never gone down this road with the hopes of boxing in Madison Square Garden. Are you shy, have Social Anxiety Disorder or Avoidant Personality Disorder? Have you been called shy all your life but you feel it could possibly be

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