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Jesus Freak. Writer. Blogger. Dreamer. Gamer. Designer. Teacher. Encourager. Crazy about kids. Child-LIKE (not child-ISH). Goofball. Passionate. Thinker. Feeler. Man of Yeshua.

I endeavor to reinvigorate the sub-market for Christian gaming.

Not to be confused with past games that are explicitly Biblical, the games I hope to make will often be subtle in their Christian message. Sometimes, the actual message is general in context but is still found in the teachings nonetheless.

For example, illustrating the Biblical ideals about how husbands and wives are to submit to each other (see the book of Ephesians, chapter 5 in the New Testament) will be playfully and colorfully presented in a whimsical game about a pair of adorable blobs - character sketches I do when I'm bored and feeling silly. Boi and Gurl have their own unique quirks, but together they compliment each other. Neither is better than the other, and together their individual abilities are enhanced. This is staying faithful to the Biblical message of how believers in Christ are "one body" but many parts. It's essentially the same in the Christian marriage, as well.

Other games with Biblical themes, concepts, theological points, etc, that I hope to make include:

- A space shooter/RPG sci-fi epic that encompasses two games which utilize the exact same story but different gameplay that focuses on different parts of that story. Perspective will be the key element to both story and gameplay and how it helps us to distinguish truth from lies.
(This is one of my "ultimate" projects that won't likely come about until I have the resources and people to properly develop it.)

- An estranged scientist is working on a secret project and is about to put the finishing touches in place when agents from the company he works for discover him in his run-down apartment and knock him unconscious as they search for his research notes. He awakens in a digitized world with no memory of who he is and no physical body to speak of - being, in essence, a spirit of himself. With only the aid of a virtually personality-less USB Stickman, he must find his memories and return to his home (and body!) to stop the evil that his work would be used for. In this game, the notion of body versus spirit will be explored and how the two are intertwined in the Christian worldview.

...And several more. I want to make games that can appeal to Christian and non-Christian alike. A great story need not be preachy, and though I'm deeply rooted in my faith, I understand how religion can make people feel (for various reasons).

It's my hope that long after the player puts down the controller, they are left with something positive, something worthy of consideration, something inspiring or encouraging. Not just a fun game they enjoyed, but something that transcends entertainment.

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