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So some of those factors on which CFUs (colony forming units) and strains depend on are nutrition, hydration, your enviroment, etc. When someone says microbiome, they refer to the community of living microorganisms in your body, both good and bad. Some people think that the microbiome represents probiotics but no, it's literally all of the microorganisms but probiotics are arguably the most important since they offer health benefits.
What sort of benefits do probiotic bacteria offer? Well they can vary on the strain, however they can improve your immune system, help you produce certain enzymes and vitamins, help you digest foods, inhibit the growth of bad bacteria/pathogens, possibly help with weight loss and cholesterol, improve the digestion of lactose in milk, etc.

All of these benefits are proven through scientific study so you can be sure that it's not just me being creative, they are backed up by evidence shown in these studies or the research done on lab mice as well as people.
So in very simple terms, when you are experiencing digestive or gastrointestinal problems or even infections that occur in other places, colds, flus, vaginal and so on, it might mean you have a lack of probiotics and don't receive the protection and benefits they can offer so using a probiotic supplement can be very helpful, even over an antibiotic at times, and they are very safe and without harmful side-effects.
A pretty popular and very good probiotic supplement is Bio X4 from Nucific which can be found on the Nucific website and delivers 4 billion CFUs together with 5 unique strains of bacterium.

I would also highly recommend adding foods with probiotics in them, to your diet, foods like fermented cheese, yogurt or kefir, there are others as well.
Wine also has probiotics, beer too, I think bourbon, some drinks or beverages do have them as well but foods are way better because of the nutrients. Also a good supplement is Bio X4 by Nucific.

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